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General Civil Mediation Training

The State Court Administration Office (SCAO) is the major funding source for the twenty community mediation centers funded through court fees in the state of Michigan. SCAO requires that all mediators complete a training program through an approved training provider. The Community Resolution Center is a qualified SCAO training resource.

Once you complete this training, you will be qualified to mediate cases that come through small claims court. This could include contract disputes, employment disputes, landlord-tennant issues, or other similar cases.

General civil mediation training is a 40-hour, 5-day program. If you become a volunteer mediator with us after completion of training and observations, you may qualify for a partial refund of the training cost. Check with us for more details.

Domestic Mediation Training

Domestic mediation can be used to help resolve issues in divorce, custody, and other family law issues. Mediators who wish to facilitiate these types of cases must complete an additional level of training. Please contact us if you are interested in domestic mediation training.