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Resolving Differences Through Communication
Community Resolution Center Mediation

Helping People Reach Agreement

Mediation can be an alternative to court. It is a process in which a trained volunteer facilitator (or mediator) helps people listen to each other, discuss issues, and find agreement. The mediator does not impose a solution: he or she simply creates an environment in which the parties can talk with each other so that they find their own solution. Mediation is set up to find common ground and to
help the parties collaborate to find a win-win solution.

Mediation can be used for many types of disagreements, including:
Family differences
Disagreements between neighbors
Property damage
Business and contract disputes
Special education concerns
Landlord-tenant issues
and much more.

Learn more about mediation on our site, download our brochure, or contact us. Mediation is hugely successful. Learn how to use it today!

Quick Facts About the CRC

• More than 70 volunteer mediators
• More than 600 cases mediated per year
• 70-80% of clients reach agreement
• Most issues resolved in one meeting
• Mediation is legally binding

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